How to preserve the shemagh and the ghutra as long as possible

Shemagh laundry bag 2023

In order to preserve the shemagh for a longer period, It is very important, Follow a number of important tips during cleaning, ironing and even drying it, There are a number of very simple ways, which would preserve its splendor and beauty, Because it is one of the most important and even basics of men’s clothing, Widely worn by men in many Arab countries, especially the Gulf countries, On top of that, without a doubt, is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Shemagh care to keep it longer:

In order to preserve the shemagh as long as possible, Here are some important tips:

1. Shemagh cleaning

Cleaning or washing is the first point that must be addressed in order to preserve the shemagh for a long time. Because the method of cleaning is the basis, Especially with regard to maintaining its luster and the cohesion of its threads for the longest possible period:

Hand wash

Of course, washing with hands only. is the traditional and prevalent method, And still to this day, Especially if it comes to light pieces of cloth, We recommend washing the shemagh with hands because it is the best. Just put it in a big bowl full of water, With the right amount of a good brand cleaning lotion, to keep it, It is better to add a few drops of lemon juice, Because it will keep the luster of the color, With gently rubbing and massaging the shemagh until it becomes completely clean, Then rinse it well with lukewarm water. Until the last particle of detergent and lemon juice is removed.

To signal : It is necessary to avoid the use of hot water in the process of manual and even automatic washing because it spoils the internal threads of the garment, Meaning the use of cold or warm water.

  • Automatic washing machine

In case there is no time to wash the shemagh manually, In this case, the automatic washing machine can be used (normal washing is not recommended), especially if the stain is severe. But beware it is very important, Cancellation of the pressure process so as not to cause the shemagh to expand and thus spoil, It is also important to control the water temperature. And set it to cold water.

  • soaking in water

A very popular and effective method, It is what most housewives around the world rely on to clean most types of clothes. The method is based on placing the shemagh in a large bowl filled with water containing a little water. Add to it a good proportion of the appropriate detergent powder, then leave for a while, Until a large proportion of dirt remains, Then the shemagh is soaked in another bowl filled with warm water in order to remove all traces of washing powder. It can be soaked again in another bowl of warm water to make sure that all traces of detergent are completely removed.

  • Use fabric softener

very important process, during the cleaning of the shemagh, In order to maintain its quality for a longer period, It ensures that its luster is maintained for the longest possible period of time. This method is applied very carefully and gently. By adding a few drops of fabric softener (excellent quality) and leaving it on for about two hours, Then it should be rinsed well with water.

Important Notes

  • Be careful not to use bleach or chlorine. They leave very negative effects on all kinds of clothes, Especially the shemagh.
  • drying

after cleaning, The shemagh must be dried. In order to preserve it, These are very important instructions:

  • Avoid excessive sunlight (afternoon sun), Put it to dry in the sun at times when the temperature is low
  • Avoid using a washing machine towel because its pressure is strong and its temperature is high
  • It is better to put the shemagh to dry under the shade
  • Iron the shemagh the right way

after drying, comes the ironing stage, And to last as long as possible, ironed properly, Therefore, it is important to follow a number of necessary tips and instructions, for this purpose, Because it helps preserve the inner fabric tissues from damage:

  • Put the shemagh on the ironing board
  • – Placing a clean, white cotton cloth over the shemagh during the ironing process (to avoid burning)
  • Set the iron temperature to 150°C (a higher temperature will burn the shemagh tissue)
  • Put a few drops of water on the shemagh to facilitate the ironing process
  • Iron the shemagh lengthwise in the same direction as the longitudinal lines it contains
  • It is very important to adjust the position of the iron, According to a position parallel to the shemagh lines
  • sprinkle a few drops of water mixed with starch, Around the edges of the shemagh during the ironing process (to hold it in place)

Very important tips to maintain the ghutra:

And because most Saudi men like to wear the ghutra, we offer you in this topic as well, other practical tips in order to maintain the ghutra, which are:

  • Hand wash : most types of ghusl, It is a light and delicate fabric. This means that it will not withstand the pressure of modern washing machines. Therefore, we recommend that you wash by hand after each use. It is important to be cleaning gently.

Avoid hot water: The cloth used in the manufacture of the veil, As mentioned earlier, it is very light. Beware of washing it with hot water, For it will spoil in her hour, As its tissues will disintegrate.


Use a mild cleansing lotion: It is important to avoid using strong detergents when washing them. instead, It is better to use a very light powder, or natural soap, Why not just rinse it with water.


Do not put it in the dryer: The ghutra will not stand the heat and the spinning of the dryer. Therefore, natural drying (not in the sun, but under the shade) is the ideal and good solution.

Do not put it in the sun: scorching sun, The color of the ghutra changed from white to yellow. Therefore, it is advised to avoid drying in the sun. On the contrary put it in a dry place, (Using the internal diffuser).


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