Terms of Use of Affiliate Program

My collection platform In front of e-commerce marketers to earn a monthly income, Whether you want to market your private relationships or you are the owner of a website, or content owner, blogger or individual entrepreneur, The affiliate marketing program offers you a great opportunity to participate with us and earn commissions by creating links and referring users to our website “My Collection” . You can earn up to 10% Each purchase is made through the referral link that will be provided to you after your registration in the marketing program.

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Earn up to 10% on every purchase made on any of our products in My Collectibles.

The amount of marketing commission for completed operations only during the first 7 days of each month is transferred via electronic transfer to the bank account of the marketer or other available payment methods ,

Commission payment method:

1- Bank transfer to your personal account, provided that the commission amount exceeds 100 riyals or its equivalent.

2- Adding the commission to your wallet in my store so that you can buy any of our products with it.

With confirmation that the marketer bears any fees applied to the transfer process by the bank or PayPal , if any .

– The marketer bears responsibility for the content of any advertisement, publication or data published by him that violates the data and content mentioned on our website, Note that the site administration is responsible to the customer for what is mentioned and displayed on our website only and is not responsible for anything below that.

– The marketer must confirm the price of the product before posting links, Because the price of the product is subject to change at any time, depending on the market or offers and discounts.

– The site management has the right to control, whether updating, deleting or otherwise, all information, terms and conditions entered therein whenever it deems appropriate and without giving reasons.

– The site administration has the right to change the terms and conditions in line with the site’s policy and does not violate the laws of electronic commerce.

– He also has the right to change the value of subscriptions or commission “marketing commission” or add or delete any other fees without giving reasons.

– The site management has the right to suspend the account of any marketer without giving reasons, The site management also has the right to cancel the subscription of any marketer’s account when violating any of the terms of use and the laws and provisions in force in the store.

– Your registration in the affiliate marketing program and your use of the site means your agreement and commitment to all the terms of this agreement and the policy, terms and conditions of use of my store.