The difference between shemagh and ghutra and how to know the size of the shemagh

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Shemagh and Ghutra are two types of traditional scarves used in Arab and Islamic culture, Although they are similar to each other, they have some differences:

Shemagh: It is a type of scarf used in the Gulf regions, there are those who call it the keffiyeh, it is a special clothing for men placed around the neck, giving its owner a touch of luxury and prestige, and it is characterized by being made of cotton or silk and is usually square in shape, and it is wrapped around the head and tied in a certain way to fix it on the head. The Shemagh is thicker and heavier than the Ghutra, and comes in many different colors and patterns.

Wearing the Shemagh is famous and as we mentioned earlier in most of the Arab Gulf countries, It is the official uniform of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, In the sense that men in these countries are keen to buy it, On the other hand, there remains a big problem. Most men face If you want to buy a new shemagh or ghutra, That is, knowing the size of their shemagh or ghutra. And that without the need to resort to measuring in the stores.

The difference between shemagh and ghutra
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Ghutra: It is a very light white cloth, It is customary that it is bent in a triangular shape on the head and tied in a certain way and fixed to the headband, Of the scarves used in the Arab and Islamic regions in general, It is made of cotton, silk or wool and is usually rectangular in shape. The Ghutra is lighter and thinner than the Shemagh. It is usually white in color and does not have any additional patterns or colors.


The Shemagh and Ghutra have the same role but the Shemagh remains different from the Ghutra, which is known only in the Arab Gulf countries.

However, most people outside the Gulf countries, They confuse the ghutra and the shemagh. especially the white shemagh, They believe that the difference between the two is only in the name, But in fact the difference between them is very important, Exists in ornament and size, As well as the quality and thickness of the fabric.
The shemagh is distinguished by its larger size than the white ghutra. Unlike the latter, which is characterized by its very light cotton dress.

Shemagh and Ghutra: What are the similarities between them?

The red or white shemagh is combined with the white ghutra. In that they are men’s clothing for the head made of cotton or linen decorated if it is a shemagh, And a plain white cloth if it was a ghutra Their shape is square, and most men wear it in the shape of a triangle. by using a cap that is worn directly on the head, And the headband with which the white ghutra or shemagh is installed.

The quality of the shemagh and the ghutra varies. Depending on the quality of the fabrics from which they are made, However, it is often made of cotton. In all cases, it is important that the threads that make up it are wide, to allow the body to breathe, But the material and type of the garment changes according to the seasons. It is undoubtedly a very suitable dress during the summer and winter seasons. However, the shemagh used in the winter season, Made of special fabric and materials. So that when a man wraps it around his head and neck, It prevents cold from entering the body. giving it a feeling of warmth, During the summer, The scarves suitable for hot weather are made of suitable fabric so that it allows the body to breathe and also gives it a comfortable feeling. The ghutra is worn only in summer.

How to know the size of the Shemagh and Ghutra:

As for knowing the appropriate Shemagh and Ghutra size, The process is very simple and has a direct relationship to the height of a person in centimeters, Meaning that:

  • If the person’s height is between 90 and 100 centimeters, then the appropriate height for the shemagh is 39
  • If its length ranges between 110 – 105 cm, The appropriate shemagh size is 40 .
  • If it is between 115 – 120 cm long, The appropriate shemagh size is 42 .
  • If its length ranges between 120 – 125 cm, The appropriate shemagh size is 44 .
  • If its length ranges between 125 – 130 cm, The appropriate shemagh size is 46 .
  • If its length ranges between 135 – 140 cm, The appropriate shemagh size is 50 .
  • If it is between 140 – 150 cm long, The appropriate shemagh size is 52 .
  • If its length ranges between 150 – 160 cm, The appropriate shemagh size is 54 .
  • If it is between 160 – 170 cm long, The appropriate shemagh size is 58 .
  • If its length ranges between 170 – 180 cm, The appropriate shemagh size is 60 .
  • If his height is more than 180 cm, the appropriate Shemagh size for him is 62
Ghutra size
Knowing the right Ghutra size Ghutra size
Shemagh size
Shemagh size Shemaghi size Size for stamp


How to wrap the Shemagh on the head correctly:

  • Shemagh preparation: The Shemagh must be prepared by unfolding it and preparing it for laying on the head.
  • Placing the Shemagh on the head: The shemagh is placed on the head so that the center of the fabric is outlined above the head.
  • Shemagh fixed: The Shemagh is fixed by wrapping the back of the Shemagh towards the forehead and tying it comfortably and tightly, It must be ensured that the Shemagh is not overtightened.
  • Fixing the Shemagh on the front: The shemagh is conveniently fastened and tightly to the forehead.
  • Shemagh format: The Shemagh is coordinated by evenly distributing the fabric around the head and determining the appropriate length of the hanging part of the Shemagh.
  • Determine the appropriate length: The appropriate length of the hanging part of the Shemagh is determined by moving the hanging part to the sides so that it is the appropriate length without overly tightening the Shemagh.
  • Choosing a styling style: Shemagh can be styled in different ways according to personal taste, such as identifying the part of the right or left shoulder, Or install it on the back.

In this way, the Shemagh can be wrapped in a correct, comfortable and professional way.

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